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Temp-to-Perm Placement

Ace Temporaries, Inc. is proud of the fact that over the course of our 30-plus years in business, we have provided thousands of people who have gone on to earn permanent positions with our customers. It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied with the production provided by our employees. When we provide people that are worthy of a customer hiring them permanently, it is very gratifying to know that we have provided a good service. It is very common that our employees find permanent positions and we welcome that! We generally don't charge fees for this - all we ask in return is that our customers utilize the services of our employees through us for a minimum of thirty days. This also provides a longer period of time for the customer to be certain of their hiring decision. If you find that one of our employees fits your need for a permanent position within your company, simply contact us and we'll work directly with you to make the transition a smooth one.

Ace Temporaries, Inc.

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