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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, send an email to sales@acetemps.net.

1. Can Ace Temporaries provide certified payroll reporting on Davis Bacon and other mandated wage scale projects?
Of course! In fact, Ace has a state-of-the-art database program which fully integrates certified payroll. We pride ourselves on accurate and on-time delivery of ALL certified payroll reports.

2. How does Ace Temporaries promote workplace safety?
Ace Temporaries, Inc. is focused on promoting workplace safety through programs initiated and managed by our risk control partners in the insurance industry. Furthermore, Ace promotes strict adherence to all OSHA standards and regulations. Employees also regularly attend job site safety meetings to become familiarized with local job specific safety requirements and conditions.

3. What will my business be charged for services provided by Ace Temporaries?
This depends on a number of factors including pay scale, quantities, job location and job duties. Due to the varying services provided by Ace Temporaries, to obtain actual figures for the specific services that you desire, please contact an Ace representative directly to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

4. What are some benefits to using a company like Ace Temporaries?
Using the services provided by Ace can prevent unemployment and Workers Compensation claims, stabilize personnel needs associated with fluctuating business cycles, eliminate Federal & State payroll tax reports and year end W-2s, as well as reduce time consumption in the traditional employment process.

5. Can we hire permanent employees through Ace Temporaries?
Absolutely! Ace Temporaries can provide a bridge to permanent employment. Our customers enjoy the flexibility of prospective employees working their probationary period through Ace as Ace employees. This gives our customers the opportunity to witness first-hand whether a person's skills and abilities match the requirements of the permanent position. If so, then you put them on your payroll. If not, you don't have to deal with unemployment claims or undo any laborious paperwork caused by your internal hiring process.

6. In the event of a workplace accident, who is responsible?
We work very hard to minimize workplace accidents and rely heavily on our customers to do the same. Ace Temporaries is fully insured - in fact, our levels of coverage far exceed most requirements! Since Ace carries the Workers Compensation Insurance on all employees provided to our customers, the ultimate responsibility is ours. With the cooperation of the customer, Ace compiles the necessary information about the injury. Ace coordinates the claim process with its insurance provider as well as the medical care for the employee including all follow up and related paperwork.

7. What is the service area of Ace Temporaries?
Ace has a very large service area that includes the entire Washington, DC Metropolitan Area to include parts of Maryland, DC and Virginia. In very broad terms, Ace can typically provide service to customers within a 50 mile radius of Washington, DC.

8. Does my company have to pay sales taxes or any other fees aside from Ace's hourly bill rate?
No! Ace's bill rate is all encompassing and there are no hidden fees or taxes added to your bill.

9. Is the use of temporary services such as Ace Temporaries common?
Yes, it is! In fact, 90% of companies in the United States use temporary services such as Ace Temporaries, Inc. - Source (American Staffing Association)

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